Privacy Policy


East Woodhay Silver Band (EWSB), Heath End, Newbury, only holds membership information necessary for the running of the musical charity. It does not circulate marketing materials to the membership, or pass their details to other parties except where there is a legal requirement to do so. It may need to use members’ details to communicate information about events and activities of the Band.

Such use of information is considered to fall within the scope of a “legitimate interest” or legal requirement for our band and may be regarded as a lawful basis for processing information. However, we consider it to be good practice to have basic data protection measures in place at all times.

The band’s policy for meeting the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are set out below, as agreed by the band’s committee. This Privacy Policy is published on the EWSB web site. Certain procedures related to the execution of the Privacy Policy are documented in the GDPR Procedures, and which are held by the EWSB Committee and available for inspection upon request.


Our charity will ensure that the following policies are followed:

  • The Membership Secretary will be the holder of all member’s data and the contact point for all queries regarding such data
  • Consent will be sought from all members to confirm that the band may hold their personal information. No information will be retained unless a positive consent is received
  • A member may request the information held on them and may request details to be amended or removed from the band’s records at any time. The process for managing such requests is documented in the GDPR Procedures.

The minimum standards for the security of membership data will be:

  • Password protection and encryption for all files containing membership data which is held on a computer
  • The use of a firewall and anti-viral software on any computer devices used for holding membership data
  • The use of locked cabinets for any paper records relating to membership of the Association
  • An instruction to all members that when distributing information to more than one member via email, the list of addressees will be restricted by the use of the bcc facility such that the email addresses of other members are not visible.